Montag, 27. September 2010

Some Pictures

Last week I didn't have so much time to draw-.- (I hate school-.-)

My latest Artwork: Fanart of Lenne (Final Fantasy X-2). Maaaaaaan this took me very long, specially I was very very unsure how the whole composition should be for this picture. It took me 2 hours and I tried out everything (colors, background etc.)-.- And also the hands were difficult to draw. I really should making some studies about that :S

And the basic sketch of her (First I wanted to draw Yuna form FFX-2)

And a rough sketch of the Blizzard Fanart Contest (Nova fighting against Kerrigan) but I decided to cancel this project because I knew my skilled was to bad for this whole Blizzard thing -.-

Sonntag, 19. September 2010

Aqua - Kingdom Hearts

Just a little story to my newest Artwork :)
I was soooo looking foward getting this new game *.* I bought it last week and I put the disk in my PSP battery-.- So I looked for the charging cable everywhere and I didn't find it-.- So I had to order a new one and I didn't receive it till today-.-
So I would say this was Epic FAIL! XD
Hope I finally can start playing it next week.....

Montag, 13. September 2010

Original Character Ayla

Second Post for today..I worked yesterday and the day before on this Character Concept of my Original Character Ayla. I think it is much harder drawing just a character without a background and atmosphere. But at the same time it should look "alive" >.< Arghh I have much to learn-.-

Maybe I am going to use this concept for my Bachelor Game. But I definitely should work this concept out  a bit more.

Fantoche 2010, Disney and a Concept Artist

Last week our school was presenting our selfmade games on Fantoche.
It was so stressful in the last few weeks, so I didn't have the time to do something other than working/finishing my game-.- But now it is finally over and I spleeped so much the last few days and played a lot (I need playing another game than my own-.-). I just needed a break of EVERYTHING and just sitting at home and relaxing. So I feel very very sorry I didn't have the time chatting a lot :(
So anyway I wanted to show you some pictures of my game "Imagical". It's a Jump'n'Run Adventure, where the player is a fairy and flying through the magical worlds which based on shadow plays. You have to find all magical book to help the fairy to complete the fairy tale. It is very simple :) I was not sure if I am going to upload the game here, because you need a XBOX 360 Controller to play it.
But if you wanna game it anyway, let me know and I will upload it ;)

Some Impressions of the game (maaaaaaan it tooks so long, taking good screenshots-.-)

And our poster with the logo on the exhibition.

I also had the chance to talk with a Disney Art Director and show him my Portfolio. He was very exhausted about my Artworks and he told me, I definitely have good chances to be hired by a game company :) He also said I should focus on my Character Design and working out my own style a bit more. I was soo happy after this talk, that I am so motivated giving 100% this next few months and going to apply for some companys :D

I also had the chance visiting a presentation of Christian Lorenz Scheurer, one of the most famous Swiss Concept Artist in the world. You definitely should visit his website, because he makes so awesome artworks *.* Unfortunately he was so busy so I didn't could talk to much to him, but I am going to keep in touch with him per mail :D

Waaahh I wrote so much-.- I think I will going to upload a picture I did yesterday :S
This week it is also the last week before school is starting and I have so much pictures I will finish soon ^-^