Freitag, 8. Juli 2011

Unfinished Orca Sketch

Unfinished Sketch I made a long time before for a good friend. Drawing animals isn't my speciality^^ But I really loved the light atmosphere :)

The High Priestess Sketches and Artwork

Here is my Art Trade Artwork with lunalight.
 We decided a long time before (5 months or so) to do an Art Trade but unfortunately I was so busy with my Bachelor Project. But now I finally finished it and I am so happy.
The main subject was to draw one of the tarot cards and I chose "The High Priestess". The illustrations is my own interpretation of her ;)

At the beginning my imagination of a high priestess was a bit different than it looks at the final Artwork. So after a few days I decided to draw a new sketch which looks way better than the old one.

Final Artwork:

First Sketch:

 Second Sketch:

 And Details: 

Freitag, 10. Juni 2011

The Madconkers - Header

Commission I did for the wow guild webpage "The Madconkers" a few days ago.
Done in Photoshop CS4 | 10 hours

Montag, 6. Juni 2011

Bachelor Game finished :D

After over 5 months Dominik and me finished our Bachelor Game "The lost books of Calon". We worked a lot together on this big project and it was really a challenge and we are no both soooo happy that the "end" has come. We are very proud that we designed this game together and we hope that many many people are going to download it and have to play it. During the process we learned a lot about designing games and we definitely improved our skills in so many different areas and we learned a lot form each other which was the best part of being a team:) WOHHOO!!

Are you intrested in it? Than have a look at it^^^

Or watch our Trailer  :)

Dienstag, 24. Mai 2011

Bachelor Game Website and Alpha Version

The time has come! The Nuzzler are arriving!
We have to finish our Bachelor game in only 2 weeks and there is still a lot to do >.<. I made a litte Website last weekend and we decided to upload an Alpha Version for Mac and PC. It would be awesome if you download the game, test it and report us all bugs you will notice. That would be great and helps us a lot :) (Specially for Dominik, he is the programmer^^)

Download and enjoy it :D

Freitag, 20. Mai 2011

Environment Speedpaintings

Some speedpaintings I did for my Bachelor game in the last few weeks. I know 3 pieces isn't so much but I didn't have time to paint more^^ And I am still thinking that I am a bad environment painter -.- Ohh aaaaaand I designed spontaneously a Website for my game :D I will release it soon but I need some shinny Screenshots first^^

Montag, 9. Mai 2011

Allimania DNG "Abgesoffen in Vashj'ir"

This was a little commission by Stevinho for the 2nd part of Allimania DNG. I really love the scene in the audio book when Horst was riding on  his ibex "Rudi" who has turtels under all of his 4 hooves :)
You can download the audiobook here.

I am looking forward doing more Artworks for Allimania DNG :)

Samstag, 30. April 2011

The lost Books of Calon

The Cover Art of Dominik Saur's and my Bachelor game "The lost Books of Calon", which I have done a few weeks ago in March. The game will be released in June 2011.

Character Concept "Nuzzler"

Here are some of my Concept Arts and 3D previews of the character "Nuzzler". It is the main character of Dominik Saur's and my Bachelor Game "The lost Books of Calon" which will be released in June 2011. I worked a lot on this Character Concepts and I spent many hours for the 3D Model and the Animations (wahh animating is such a hard job^^). I know it doesn't look perfect at the moment but I am satsfied with the result. The only thing I don't like is the texture (which is hand painted). I wanted that it looks like long fluffy fur but I think it looks to smooth (fur is a pain to paint!). But at the moment I am working on the environment and a lot of 3D Assest who can soon be implemented in the game, so I don't have time to make big changes on the model. So my day is full of modeling modeling, and more modeling of caves, barrels and so on^^ In my next Bachelor Entry I will show you some Concept Arts of the Environment :)

Video Walkthrough on YouTube:

Last but not least a funny Picture of the SUMO NUZZLER!^^

Freitag, 8. April 2011

Rune Keeper and about Demotivation

At the moment I am very very demotivated to draw or paint any Artworks. Everytime when I try to improve my skills I think my Artworks look still like my older ones. That's so frustrating!-.- Maybe you know the problem about demotivation and Inactivity and so you can understand me better:( I also have to say that I didn't draw so much in the last few months. Actually there is also no time to draw because I am working a lot on my Bachelor Game which takes a lot of time every day. I did some Concept Arts and Artworks for my Game but it isn't really much. But it was something other than I normally do and it was fun (creating creature, drawing Tournarounds, painting Enviros/Levels etc).
In fact the whole thing is at the moment very painful and it is hard to motivate myself. I hope there will be better times and I hope it will be in June after graduation. So I can start painting again with a focus on getting better and better ;) 

Anyway I painted a new Artwork "Rune Keeper" (my first Artwork this year which I think it looks ok). I did this to take a break from all the stuff I am doing for my Bachelor Game. It was an old sketch I did last year and I decided to color it. I am not very satisfied with it but you know why (demotivation blahblah) ;)

Montag, 14. März 2011

Allimania DNG und offizielle Blizzard Fanarts

Momentan ist es grad sehr sehr stressig hier bei mir. Ich verbringe eigentlich die ganze Zeit mir moddeln von 3D Objekten und malen con Concept Arts für mein Bachelor Game (ich komme einfach nicht dazu, diese 3D Models und Bilder zu uploaden-.- werd ich aber sicher noch tun in den nächsten paar Wochen), nebenbei muss ich noch dutzende Nachrichten und Emails beantworten, ein paar Aufträge zu Ende bringen (von denen ich aber jetzt definitiv momentan keine mehr annehmen werde bis zum Sommer) und ich bin auf der Suche nach einer Wohnung im Hamburg für mein Praktikum bei Daedalic *g*

So kommen wir aber zum Punkt: viele die WoW spielen kennen vielleicht das Hörspiel Allimania und haben mitbekommen dass nun die Fortsetzung "Allimania, die nächste Generation" veröffentlicht worden ist. Ich hatte die Ehre ein Gruppenbild zu malen, welches wieder als T-Shirt verfügbar sein wird. Da mich nun einige gefragt haben ob ich das vielleicht irgendwo uploaden könnte in einer schwarz weiss Version, dachte ich mir ich lade es einfach mal auf meinen Blog hoch (es gibt anscheinend viele Leute da draussen die auch so gerne Bilder ausmalen wie ich^^) Na dann viel Spass damit und nicht vergessen immer fleissig Allimania DNG hören!^^

Und nun noch eine weitere tolle Nachricht. Letzte Woche bekam ich ganz unterwartet Post von Blizzard.
Sie teilten mir mit das 2 meiner Artworks in ihre Fanart Gallery aufgenommen wurde.
Nach ÜBER EINEM HALBEN JAHR habe ich es nun endlich auch geschafft dass ich in diese Gallery aufgenommen wurde. Ich meine wtf??? ich habe es schon laaaange aufgegeben XD und das schlimme ist, dass sie sogar ein total altes aufgenommen haben auf dass ich gar nicht mehr stolz bin >.> Aber hey ich habe mich sooooo fest gefreut und ich freue mich heute immernoch *g*^^ Somit bin ich meinem Traum schon wieder ein Stückchen näher gerückt^^

Und zum schluss: Wenn euch langweilig ist oder keinen Bock mehr habt auf WoW dann probiert Rift aus^^ Ist ein super spiel das gaaaaanz viel Spass mach ;D

Samstag, 19. Februar 2011

Project Phoenix

A little Speedpaint of a Phoenix for "Project Phoenix" on

For all who are waiting for more Artworks by me: At the moment I am doing a lot of Concept Arts and 3D Modeling for the game "Lost Books of Calon". I will show you some Artworks of this game as soons as possible :)
Ohh and also some other personal Illustrations will be coming soon ;)

Mittwoch, 26. Januar 2011

Some old Stuff and Improvement Meme

After a long time some I post some sketches and an Improvement meme, so you can see how I drew a few years a go^^

 That was a commisioned piece for Just Stevinho.

And some sort of a Darkelf Lamp. Just a sketch I've done for the weekly training with CaleighUnkraut^^