Freitag, 8. April 2011

Rune Keeper and about Demotivation

At the moment I am very very demotivated to draw or paint any Artworks. Everytime when I try to improve my skills I think my Artworks look still like my older ones. That's so frustrating!-.- Maybe you know the problem about demotivation and Inactivity and so you can understand me better:( I also have to say that I didn't draw so much in the last few months. Actually there is also no time to draw because I am working a lot on my Bachelor Game which takes a lot of time every day. I did some Concept Arts and Artworks for my Game but it isn't really much. But it was something other than I normally do and it was fun (creating creature, drawing Tournarounds, painting Enviros/Levels etc).
In fact the whole thing is at the moment very painful and it is hard to motivate myself. I hope there will be better times and I hope it will be in June after graduation. So I can start painting again with a focus on getting better and better ;) 

Anyway I painted a new Artwork "Rune Keeper" (my first Artwork this year which I think it looks ok). I did this to take a break from all the stuff I am doing for my Bachelor Game. It was an old sketch I did last year and I decided to color it. I am not very satisfied with it but you know why (demotivation blahblah) ;)

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