Donnerstag, 23. Dezember 2010

Squich and Lynxie - Multiplayer Game for Kids

Hi my fellow Followers :D
I've been very very busy the last few weeks and I didn't really have time to draw something because I worked on my multiplayer game at school (ohh and also Cataclysm was released, so I often played WoW^^). I only did some few sketches but I will post them another time.

In this post I will show my selfmade game "Squich and Lynxie". This is my first multiplayer game project I made during the 5th term (about 10 weeks). Everything was made by myself (Programming, Sound Design, Graphics etc).

Our project topic was" Animal Migration" (given by a client of the Swiss National Parc), and I decided to make a simple and cute Jump 'N' Run Multiplayer Game for little Kids with the Characters Squich (a Squirrel) and Lynxie (a Lynx).

The Story behind: Squich and Lynxie are animals who are very hungry but their lovely forest was overpopulated by other animals and so there was not enough food for all. They decided to go to another forest where they will get more food and will stay alive. On their way are much risks like in real life and they have to pay attention to that.
The goal is to collects some bugs as much as you can find on your way and try to have more bugs than your companion. Also have an eye on your companion because they can hurt you and steal your collected bugs.

TheTools I used:
Engine: 3D Unity
Grapics: Photoshop CS4
Sound: Audacity and Reaper

At the moment you can't play it, because I didn't get the time to implement it in my website and I also want to animate my Characters ifrst (I didn't have enough time to do that and I think it is annoying that they have no animation-.-)

I also made a Video with some Ingame Scenes.

And here comes some screenshots and Graphics I've made for the game:

I hope you like my game so far and I also hope to upload some new Artworks soon.
I wish you all very Christmas and a wonderful new Year :D

Sonntag, 28. November 2010

Sketches of the Month November

And again, November is over in a few days and I will post the sketches I've done this month. Cal (go and have a look at her website, she is very talented!^^) and me have been doing these exercises for 2 month and I hope we will draw a lot of more such sketches. It helped me  a lot and I think I made some advances in drawing and painting:)

An old man^^ Inspired by the actor Ian McKellen. I love Lord of the Ring :D

 Some hands. I used my hand and photos for references.

 Inspired by a picture of Phoenix Lu. So it isn't really original^^ Aahhhh I love this soft painting style and also Chinese/Asian women :D

 Some figure drawings I made with Posemaniacs 60 & 90 seconds drawing. Was really helpful. I should do this more *.* I really can recomment this tool who wants to train drwaing human anatomy :D

 And last but not least a car^^ Never done such technical drawings. I am not so good at this because you always have to paint "correctly" (right perspective and so on...)

Freitag, 29. Oktober 2010

Sketches of the Month October

Some Studies and Speedies I've made during October. It was very helpful drawing some basic things I never would draw normally^^

(I used a photo reference for this)

-Dark Age House-
(arrgghhh I really had some problems with coloring architecture-.-)

- Sword-

(Sometimes he really looks like a dog XD and I also used photo references)

Mittwoch, 20. Oktober 2010

Mistress of the Lair

This was a collaboration between Cal and me. So let's go and visit her gallery!^^
It was very fun to do and also a great experience :)
We worked together on this picture for 2 weeks.

Here you can find the steps:

Winner Hero Design Contest!

Just a quick post. I've won the Hero Design Contest at Avalon Heroes!
I am so happy, but when I am looking on the other Entrys, I must say it wasn't very difficult :S  Anyway I had fun and the the coolest thing is, my Hero will be implemented in the game :)
You can find the contest here.

And that's my picture: 
Original Character Ayla by *pika4ever on deviantART

Samstag, 16. Oktober 2010

Work, Greyson Tales and my Workspace

I am very busy at the moment. I am drawing a lot for some commissions and on some personal stuff...ohh yeah and there is also school work-.-
So just a picture of my workspace at home because some people asked me about that^^ I am also thinking making a FAQ  on my homepage soon, I get some many many questions about Game-Design and Painting. So have a look at my Website soon^^

Yesterday I was spontaneously invited to an interview at the wownacht. I was so nervous and I really don't like to talk to so much people >.< But it was very cool anyway and the wowszene moderators are such kind persons :D So it was one of the greatest evenings I had for a long long time^^ Also the new Greyson Tales 5 Trailer was released with my newest Artwork :)

Montag, 27. September 2010

Some Pictures

Last week I didn't have so much time to draw-.- (I hate school-.-)

My latest Artwork: Fanart of Lenne (Final Fantasy X-2). Maaaaaaan this took me very long, specially I was very very unsure how the whole composition should be for this picture. It took me 2 hours and I tried out everything (colors, background etc.)-.- And also the hands were difficult to draw. I really should making some studies about that :S

And the basic sketch of her (First I wanted to draw Yuna form FFX-2)

And a rough sketch of the Blizzard Fanart Contest (Nova fighting against Kerrigan) but I decided to cancel this project because I knew my skilled was to bad for this whole Blizzard thing -.-

Sonntag, 19. September 2010

Aqua - Kingdom Hearts

Just a little story to my newest Artwork :)
I was soooo looking foward getting this new game *.* I bought it last week and I put the disk in my PSP battery-.- So I looked for the charging cable everywhere and I didn't find it-.- So I had to order a new one and I didn't receive it till today-.-
So I would say this was Epic FAIL! XD
Hope I finally can start playing it next week.....

Montag, 13. September 2010

Original Character Ayla

Second Post for today..I worked yesterday and the day before on this Character Concept of my Original Character Ayla. I think it is much harder drawing just a character without a background and atmosphere. But at the same time it should look "alive" >.< Arghh I have much to learn-.-

Maybe I am going to use this concept for my Bachelor Game. But I definitely should work this concept out  a bit more.

Fantoche 2010, Disney and a Concept Artist

Last week our school was presenting our selfmade games on Fantoche.
It was so stressful in the last few weeks, so I didn't have the time to do something other than working/finishing my game-.- But now it is finally over and I spleeped so much the last few days and played a lot (I need playing another game than my own-.-). I just needed a break of EVERYTHING and just sitting at home and relaxing. So I feel very very sorry I didn't have the time chatting a lot :(
So anyway I wanted to show you some pictures of my game "Imagical". It's a Jump'n'Run Adventure, where the player is a fairy and flying through the magical worlds which based on shadow plays. You have to find all magical book to help the fairy to complete the fairy tale. It is very simple :) I was not sure if I am going to upload the game here, because you need a XBOX 360 Controller to play it.
But if you wanna game it anyway, let me know and I will upload it ;)

Some Impressions of the game (maaaaaaan it tooks so long, taking good screenshots-.-)

And our poster with the logo on the exhibition.

I also had the chance to talk with a Disney Art Director and show him my Portfolio. He was very exhausted about my Artworks and he told me, I definitely have good chances to be hired by a game company :) He also said I should focus on my Character Design and working out my own style a bit more. I was soo happy after this talk, that I am so motivated giving 100% this next few months and going to apply for some companys :D

I also had the chance visiting a presentation of Christian Lorenz Scheurer, one of the most famous Swiss Concept Artist in the world. You definitely should visit his website, because he makes so awesome artworks *.* Unfortunately he was so busy so I didn't could talk to much to him, but I am going to keep in touch with him per mail :D

Waaahh I wrote so much-.- I think I will going to upload a picture I did yesterday :S
This week it is also the last week before school is starting and I have so much pictures I will finish soon ^-^

Donnerstag, 26. August 2010

Walkthrough "Greyson Tales 4 - Lady Sylvanas"

Diesen Monat war ich so fleissig wie schon lange nicht mehr^^ und an diesem Bild hatte ich besonders viel Freude und konnte irgendwie nicht die Finger davon lassen :D
Es ist das neuste Artwork zum erfolgreichen WoW-Hörspiel "Greyson Tales", welches auf Bam!Stevinho gedownloadet werden kann.

 Ausserdem gibt es auch wieder einmal ein Walkthrough Video in HD auf Youtube. Viel Spass dabei :)

Freitag, 20. August 2010


After a long week of work, tonight I couldn't sleep and so I decided to paint some speedpaintings. I was inspired by the chinese artist Junc and so I tried and copied his color scheme. I thought it was a good exercise to get a feeling for different colors :)

Donnerstag, 5. August 2010

Walkthrough "Starcraft: Ghost"

And again a quick Walkthrough of my artwork "starcraft: Ghost" can be found on Youtube :)

Samstag, 24. Juli 2010

Greyson Tales, der geheimnisvolle Fremde - Einige skizzen

Und wieder ist ein Weile um und ich habe letzte Woche mein neustes Greyson Artwork fertiggestellt. Ich muss zugeben dass ich nach meinem letzten Bild durch die negativen Kommentare ein wenig demotiviert war und am liebsten alles in eine Ecke geschmissen hätte. Doch ich habe mich nochmals zusammengerissen und bin eigentlich doch sehr zufrieden wie es am Ende herausgekommen ist :) Auch die meisten Feedbacks die ich bekommen habe, waren durchaus positiv und ich bin wieder motivierter.

Nun ein paar Bilder/Skizzen wie alles seinen Lauf genommen hatte:

Mein erster Entwurf, denn ich auch angefangen habe auszuarbeiten. Doch nach einer Weile erschien mir die Komposition zu langweilig und ich verwarf die ganze Skizze.

Dann nach einem guten Rat von meiner Freundin habe ich mich schlussendlich dazu entschieden, diese neue Skizze anzufertigen und habe mich auch an diese gehalten. Das ganze hat dann 15 Stunden gedauert bis es fertig war :)

Und Tada fertig war es^^!
Wenn ich mir aber das ganze nochmals anschaue und nachdem ich mir das Hörspiel anhören konnte, hätte ich den Worgen bzw. die Verwandlung noch imposanter dargestellt^^

Das Hörspiel dazu kann man auf Bam!Stevinho downloaden.

Walkthrough "Goodbye Azeroth"

After some good advices by a few watchers, this week I practised drawing human bodys. I bought a good Fantasy Figures book, downloaded some helpful tutorials and also collected some references with various poses.
I also searched for some tutorials with good color instructions but it is still ver difficult vor me-.- ( beside drawing humans).

And her it is my product on hard training during this week. It was very spontaneous and I never thought I would finish it.

I think the human anatomy on her body isn't as bad as before :S I used a reference to get some security of the "female form":)
I was very unsure with the colors. I don't know but I think specially her skin tone isn't correct blended. The light source comes form right behind the girl and (I am not sure) I think the colors are to bright :S What do you think?

I have also made a walkthrough of my progress which can be watched on YouTube :)

Samstag, 17. Juli 2010

Allods Online

I found this weekend a lovely game: Allods Online. And I wanted to share it with you.

It is a Free MMORPG and reminds a bit on WoW. First I saw some artworks which are very gorgeous and after I watched some Youtube Videos, I decided to play the game. I have to say it is awesome, I know it haven't these kickass graphics like "Age of Conan" or "Aion", but in terms of it is free to play, it's definitely one of the best Free MMOs I've seen the last few months.
You can choose between 2 Fractions. Every one has 3 Races and 8 different classes. I tried the priest and the druid (which is very cool, because he has a cat as a pet :) ).
Most impressive was that there are many players on the german server which is rare for Free MMO's and you can find a group very fast.
So I've you won't spent more money on WoW (or what else) I really can suggest to try Allods Online ;)

I've also want to post some artworks and screenshots :)

Artwork (c) Allods Online

Artwork (c) Allods Online

Freitag, 16. Juli 2010

Old pictures I've never finished :>

I am a bit bored and thought I gonna upload some old pictures I've never finished and will never be XD

This was a sketch of Tyrande I made more than a half year ago :S I really wanted to color it, but I was never satisfied with her pose and so it turned in my sketch file.

A kiriban picture I painted while a school excursion in a train. Never finished because I haven't enough time.

I painted after I woke up in a morning, was very addicted to the whole setting. I really wanted to finish it but at the end I was not in the mood of it-.-

A sketch I did for the big FEZ contest on DeviantArt, unfortunately I was so busy at school I've never finished it :S

Dienstag, 13. Juli 2010

Hilfe ich bin soooo schlecht....

Irgendwie habe ich momentan keine Lust in englisch zu schreiben, aber dennoch wollte ich mal meinen Kommentar zu meinem neuen Bild abgeben,da ich selber doch recht unzufrieden bin.

Normalerweise bin ich es gewohnt nur weibliche Körper, Charaktere und Figuren zu zeichnen (da es mir einfach mehr Spass macht und ich mehr angetan bin). Doch nicht desto trotz bin ich immer bereit neue Herausforderungen an zu nehmen und dazu gehört auch das zeichnen von Männerkörpern. Ich muss ehrlich sagen, dass ich Männer schwerer finde zum zeichnen als Monster, Tiere und sonstige Kreaturen. Dieses Bild ist nun mein erster Versuch einen Mann bzw. Jüngling darzustellen, ohne wirkliche männliche Anatomiekenntnisse oder Referenzen >.<
Ich weiss es gibt noch viel zu verbessern und bin auch immer offen für konstruktive Hinweise.
Deshalb wenn jemand ein gutes Buch kennt oder sonst einen Tipp hat, wie ich besser darin werde im Zeichnen von Männernkörpern: IMMER HER DAMIT!^^

Montag, 5. Juli 2010

How to train a dragon (Toothless)

Quick Sketch before I got to bed. I used a refrence from the movie (I love the dragon so much <3).>

Btw : Painting BOYS/MEN is very depressing-.- I hope I will get some talent to draw them ....*grmmml*