Sonntag, 28. November 2010

Sketches of the Month November

And again, November is over in a few days and I will post the sketches I've done this month. Cal (go and have a look at her website, she is very talented!^^) and me have been doing these exercises for 2 month and I hope we will draw a lot of more such sketches. It helped me  a lot and I think I made some advances in drawing and painting:)

An old man^^ Inspired by the actor Ian McKellen. I love Lord of the Ring :D

 Some hands. I used my hand and photos for references.

 Inspired by a picture of Phoenix Lu. So it isn't really original^^ Aahhhh I love this soft painting style and also Chinese/Asian women :D

 Some figure drawings I made with Posemaniacs 60 & 90 seconds drawing. Was really helpful. I should do this more *.* I really can recomment this tool who wants to train drwaing human anatomy :D

 And last but not least a car^^ Never done such technical drawings. I am not so good at this because you always have to paint "correctly" (right perspective and so on...)

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