Samstag, 29. Mai 2010

Some different Versions of my picture "Greyson Tales, Der Hüter meines Bruders"

Painting the background in this picture was a pain-.- I finished this picture 5 or 6 weeks ago and it took me a whole weekend just painting the background. The boy and the wolf was easy and fast to paint. I just wanted to show you some different versions of the background I made, I think it is very interesting to see it:)
The picture is a artwork for an audiobook by You can download it here.

This was my first rough sketch of the whole atmosphere of the picture. I was very confident with the colors and the composition:)

After a time I wasn't satifsfied with my first design and I changed the background colors to blue.
But the blue wasn't really nice. Remembered me too much on a Nightelf Forest-.- So I tried green and brown colors for a usual forest design.

Now I didnt' like the forest scene. It looked to boring-.- so I had the idea of a valley, because the audiobook plays in a valley.
Some color changes again, because I wasn't satisfied...

After this last picture, I tried to overlay different layers with different colors and played with it. And on one point, I get this beautiful color setting *.* which was very pleasent to me. And I have to say I am very satisfied with the end result :) Also the client was really happy with my artwork :D

Dienstag, 18. Mai 2010

First Steps in Character Animation

This is a Test Video of my work I did the last few days and week. Character Modeling (High and Low Poly) is not as easy as I thought :( and texturing is a pain-.- I needed hours painting the textures and the result doesn't look like I want-.- But animating is much easier and faster to do..In the Video below you can see some first steps of animating a character in a simple backgroundXDDD ( actually I wanted that she jump but the animation isn't finished so she looks more like an old woman XDD and I know it is awful-.-) Don't know how many time I will invest in this process until it is finished ( but in 3 weeks school is over anyway...)

Dienstag, 11. Mai 2010

Some Progress pictures of my newest World of Warcraft Fanart "Frost Nymph" Unfortunately I just made 4 of this picture during my drawing process-.-

1. Step: Made a rough sketch in Photoshop. The most difficult part for me was the hands-.-

2. Step: Here you can see which reference picture I took for my illustration. It was a sxreenshot of World of Warcraft.

3. Step: I put in some rough Background to get some feeling for the colors of the whole image.
Adding also some "special effect" ;)

4. Step: The final result. I was not very satisfied with the background because I didn't exactly know what to draw-.- Aquilia give me a helpful advice (Thank you^^!) and I thought it look better after that. Also did some color correction :)

Freitag, 7. Mai 2010

FMX Stuttgart 2010

Yesterday I was in Stuttgart at the FMX. I t was very intersting, there where some nice presentations about Heavy Rain and the newest Batman game. Also some big comapnys where on the FMX like Crytek, Ubisoft, Disney, Pixar etc, Unfortunately only Ubisoft was there on Thursday :( But anway it was glad to talk to them :) They have some very nice people at Ubisoft and much goddies we could took at home ^__^
The most amazing thing was there was also a book store called Break Point Books at the FMX and I saw this awesome Artbook of World of Warcraft *.* I searched for this book a long time but it wasn't sold in Eurpoe-.- So I took the chance and bought it. Maaaan there are soooo gorgeous artworks in there I never saw. I am so happy I have it now at home :D

I am looking foward going to the FMX next year ^__^