Samstag, 29. Mai 2010

Some different Versions of my picture "Greyson Tales, Der Hüter meines Bruders"

Painting the background in this picture was a pain-.- I finished this picture 5 or 6 weeks ago and it took me a whole weekend just painting the background. The boy and the wolf was easy and fast to paint. I just wanted to show you some different versions of the background I made, I think it is very interesting to see it:)
The picture is a artwork for an audiobook by You can download it here.

This was my first rough sketch of the whole atmosphere of the picture. I was very confident with the colors and the composition:)

After a time I wasn't satifsfied with my first design and I changed the background colors to blue.
But the blue wasn't really nice. Remembered me too much on a Nightelf Forest-.- So I tried green and brown colors for a usual forest design.

Now I didnt' like the forest scene. It looked to boring-.- so I had the idea of a valley, because the audiobook plays in a valley.
Some color changes again, because I wasn't satisfied...

After this last picture, I tried to overlay different layers with different colors and played with it. And on one point, I get this beautiful color setting *.* which was very pleasent to me. And I have to say I am very satisfied with the end result :) Also the client was really happy with my artwork :D


  1. Der Klient war zufrieden, richtig ;)

  2. :D Da freu ich mich drüber.Aber das weisst du sicher schon ^_^

  3. Endlich, das bild :D yeah mir gfallts voll es het eh huerre schöni stimmig und isch so lebedig :3 s gfallt mir voll guet.
    die andere Hg sind eher alli so eitönig finds guet das du ganz vieli Hgs gsuecht hesch^^