Freitag, 7. Mai 2010

FMX Stuttgart 2010

Yesterday I was in Stuttgart at the FMX. I t was very intersting, there where some nice presentations about Heavy Rain and the newest Batman game. Also some big comapnys where on the FMX like Crytek, Ubisoft, Disney, Pixar etc, Unfortunately only Ubisoft was there on Thursday :( But anway it was glad to talk to them :) They have some very nice people at Ubisoft and much goddies we could took at home ^__^
The most amazing thing was there was also a book store called Break Point Books at the FMX and I saw this awesome Artbook of World of Warcraft *.* I searched for this book a long time but it wasn't sold in Eurpoe-.- So I took the chance and bought it. Maaaan there are soooo gorgeous artworks in there I never saw. I am so happy I have it now at home :D

I am looking foward going to the FMX next year ^__^

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