Dienstag, 11. Mai 2010

Some Progress pictures of my newest World of Warcraft Fanart "Frost Nymph" Unfortunately I just made 4 of this picture during my drawing process-.-

1. Step: Made a rough sketch in Photoshop. The most difficult part for me was the hands-.-

2. Step: Here you can see which reference picture I took for my illustration. It was a sxreenshot of World of Warcraft.

3. Step: I put in some rough Background to get some feeling for the colors of the whole image.
Adding also some "special effect" ;)

4. Step: The final result. I was not very satisfied with the background because I didn't exactly know what to draw-.- Aquilia give me a helpful advice (Thank you^^!) and I thought it look better after that. Also did some color correction :)


  1. oh zu dem bild hesch au steps gmacht :) findi immer so spanned zum aluge wie sichs entwickelt het. Mach das uf jedefall witer hin^^
    ps: de screenshot vo dr frost Nymphe seht richtig schön us :D

  2. ja ich versuechs immer zu jedem zmache^^ aber bi dem han ich leider nur 4 gmacht-.- das het mich am schluss voll uffgregt XDD
    hehe aber am liebschte het ich nomol en würkli guete screenschot gmacht wenn ich no en laufende account hett :) (ohni de scheiss name vo mim bild zmits im bild XD)