Donnerstag, 23. Dezember 2010

Squich and Lynxie - Multiplayer Game for Kids

Hi my fellow Followers :D
I've been very very busy the last few weeks and I didn't really have time to draw something because I worked on my multiplayer game at school (ohh and also Cataclysm was released, so I often played WoW^^). I only did some few sketches but I will post them another time.

In this post I will show my selfmade game "Squich and Lynxie". This is my first multiplayer game project I made during the 5th term (about 10 weeks). Everything was made by myself (Programming, Sound Design, Graphics etc).

Our project topic was" Animal Migration" (given by a client of the Swiss National Parc), and I decided to make a simple and cute Jump 'N' Run Multiplayer Game for little Kids with the Characters Squich (a Squirrel) and Lynxie (a Lynx).

The Story behind: Squich and Lynxie are animals who are very hungry but their lovely forest was overpopulated by other animals and so there was not enough food for all. They decided to go to another forest where they will get more food and will stay alive. On their way are much risks like in real life and they have to pay attention to that.
The goal is to collects some bugs as much as you can find on your way and try to have more bugs than your companion. Also have an eye on your companion because they can hurt you and steal your collected bugs.

TheTools I used:
Engine: 3D Unity
Grapics: Photoshop CS4
Sound: Audacity and Reaper

At the moment you can't play it, because I didn't get the time to implement it in my website and I also want to animate my Characters ifrst (I didn't have enough time to do that and I think it is annoying that they have no animation-.-)

I also made a Video with some Ingame Scenes.

And here comes some screenshots and Graphics I've made for the game:

I hope you like my game so far and I also hope to upload some new Artworks soon.
I wish you all very Christmas and a wonderful new Year :D

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