Montag, 6. Juni 2011

Bachelor Game finished :D

After over 5 months Dominik and me finished our Bachelor Game "The lost books of Calon". We worked a lot together on this big project and it was really a challenge and we are no both soooo happy that the "end" has come. We are very proud that we designed this game together and we hope that many many people are going to download it and have to play it. During the process we learned a lot about designing games and we definitely improved our skills in so many different areas and we learned a lot form each other which was the best part of being a team:) WOHHOO!!

Are you intrested in it? Than have a look at it^^^

Or watch our Trailer  :)


  1. The video preview looks great! I love the unique colors and atmosphere.

  2. Thank you so muich Stephan :D I am glad you like it^^