Freitag, 8. Juli 2011

The High Priestess Sketches and Artwork

Here is my Art Trade Artwork with lunalight.
 We decided a long time before (5 months or so) to do an Art Trade but unfortunately I was so busy with my Bachelor Project. But now I finally finished it and I am so happy.
The main subject was to draw one of the tarot cards and I chose "The High Priestess". The illustrations is my own interpretation of her ;)

At the beginning my imagination of a high priestess was a bit different than it looks at the final Artwork. So after a few days I decided to draw a new sketch which looks way better than the old one.

Final Artwork:

First Sketch:

 Second Sketch:

 And Details: 

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  1. The high priestress looks evil and at the same time a little bit hot :D
    cool pics