Sonntag, 15. November 2009

W.I.P Rewrap Tomb Raider Underworld

At the moment I haven't enough time to draw a new picture because we have a big schoolproject (and I also play to much CoD Modern Warfare 2^^).
Anyway in this school project we have to model a Level from our favourite game. I haven chosen Tomb raider Underworld (Level in Thailand). I am not really talented in 3D modeling and -.- I love drawing much more than modeling some 3D environment. This was one of my first steps in 3Ds Max and it took me a lot of hours and I am happy with the rendershots .
At this time I am still modeling because that what you see on the picture is just an 1/4 form the whole scenery^^

Done in 3Ds Max | many many houres (40 houres maybe?)


  1. Ah das seht alles so realistisch us O.O Hey du hesch das jo voll im griff das 3D zügs Hah!
    jetzt heti wieder voll luscht uf TR^^.
    Ui demfall chöme no 3/4 O.O isch aber eh riese arbet :S
    *-*b *wegzüsch*

  2. danke vil mol^^
    isch aber e riese chnorz arbet (muess immer voll lang im internet rechechiere wenn ich etwas im programm ned finde-.-)
    aber mole mit em GT isch tuusig mol töller :D